Camera and microphone interviewing volunteer driver

WCCO television addresses the need for Volunteer Drivers in Greater MN

WCCO Television News aired this Volunteer Driver story on Thursday night’s (2/10/2022) 6pm news:

Volunteer Drivers Badly Need In Rural Minnesota: ‘I Would Be Lost Without A Vehicle’

We choose to live in rural MN, for many of us, living in our homes as we age is everything. But if for whatever reason, we are not able to drive – say you need to have surgery and you can’t drive home, you’re not able to drive because of an injury, your car won’t start, you are not able to drive anymore, Volunteer Drivers are critical. We know that in most parts of rural MN, Lyft or Uber are not available. Volunteer Drivers do not cost the rider anything (though donations are accepted by the Volunteer Driver program organization).

If you or anyone you know, would like to be a Volunteer Driver – Neighbor helping Neighbor – please contact Karen at: We’ll get you set up to drive where and when you choose.

All of us who live in Greater Minnesota Thank our Volunteer Drivers!

Find more transportation information on our

Thank you.


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