You Can Make A Difference…

If you use, or would us Public Transportation Services in the East Central Region, do you feel any limitations regarding the distance you can travel within the boundaries of the Public Transportation Service area? The ECRTCC is looking into incorporating a Destination Or Transfer Stations (DOTS) conversation into our discussions with Tri-CAP, Arrowhead Transit and Timber Trails Transit. Before we can make any inroads with a pilot program, it’s required for us to find out if having the ability to transfer to adjacent Public Transit Service Providers is something that’s important to YOU.

Would you please fill out this 7 question survey for us? It will take you about 2 minutes to complete. Not only will this data be valuable for us to share with our region’s Public Transportation Service Providers, the information you submit will alert us to whether there’s value in it for YOU – our community members, that we move forward with “DOTS”.

This link will take you to the online Survey Monkey ECRTCC Transportation Extension Survey.
Thank you in advance and please share with others so that we receive a strong consensus.

Printable Transportation Extension Survey



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